Twitch is a website where you can make your own channel and broadcast live.

Initially a platform for gamers, Twitch has added creative categories. These include streamers broadcasting diverse content including music, performance arts and travel content.


My Streaming Journey

I started out as a game streamer in early 2017, but I soon discovered the world of In Real Life (IRL) streaming. The IRL category allows you to connect with your audience in many ways: from chatting with your viewers, to taking them with you on a road trip.

This exciting type of streaming led to the most important step in my journey. Browsing the IRL section one day, I found a streamer performing with an LED hula hoop. A few months later, when I got the urge to change up my life and my streams, the image of the dancer with the hoop came back to me. 

My hoop journey began in late 2017. As an experienced stilt walker and dancer, I was keen to try a new act which involved more movement.  My viewers were excited to see me share my practice sessions on my streams. I started with just a few online tutorials and a donation goal for an LED hoop.

From Practice to Performing

Hooping grew to be my greatest passion. I have since expanded to practicing other flow arts: adding spin fans, fan veils, and poi to my collection of props and skills.

My stream evolved further during the lockdown in 2020. With no public performances, I decided to focus more on performance on my stream. I pulled out my costumes, practiced my face painting, and started experimenting with different visuals. 

To enhance the spectacle, I added lighting and a kaleidoscope and mirror scene to my flow art shows. The response to my streams on social media inspired me to begin hosting guest artists on stream. I also organise collaborations with musicians and DJs where I perform live to their mixes.

Income on Twitch

I now stream full time and it is my main income. Building an income from streaming begins with the Twitch Affiliate Program.

To qualify as a Twitch Affiliate, a streamer must have at least 50 followers and over the last 30 days have at least 500 total minutes broadcast, 7 unique broadcast days, and an average of 3 or more concurrent viewers. Affiliate status provides two ways for viewers to support the stream: a subscribe button on the channel, and the option to tip the streamer by using Bits. 

Three tiers of subscriptions exist, starting at five dollars per month. Standard subscriber benefits are ad-free viewing, use of custom channel emotes across Twitch, and subscriber badges to make subscribers stand out in chat. My badges spell out my name!

Additionally, for every 100 Bits cheered in your channel, one dollar is credited to your account. For viewers that cheer amounts over 1000 Bits, there are tiered Bit badges and additional custom emotes.

With further growth in your audience you can go on to become a Twitch Partner and expand your income opportunities.

Building a Community

Looking beyond the financial elements, there are other rewards to streaming. As a streamer, you have the opportunity to build a community from your viewership.

With a community Discord server you will discover that viewers want to not only support your stream but also hang out, play games, provide help and advice, and genuinely share in your passions and interests.

Your community can become a part of your life. You get to meet people from all over the world. I see it as a platform where I bring the viewers with me on my life journey.  Growing your stream viewership and community is not easy or quick, but it is certainly rewarding.

Sharing My Experience

The time has now come to share my passion in new ways. I have recently added lessons and a shop to buy custom-made beginner or advanced hoops.

You can book private lessons or group workshops for hula hoop, go-go dancing, spin fan and beginner poi. I have a focus on attitude and stage performance to get you stage or stream ready!

I keep track of everything through my socials. To stay updated follow my instagram or twitter.  And please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in a collaboration. I would love to see what we can create together!

Kind regards,

Luminous Nova