Twitch Info

Twitch is a website where you can make your own channel and broadcast content LIVE. What started out as a platform for mostly gameplay streams, twitch has added a LOT of creative categories and is not only focussing on gaming anymore. The IRL (In Real Life) section is getting bigger and bigger and a lot of people are broadcasting different types of content like: Talk show, music & performance arts and travel & outdoors. Just to name a few.

So what do I do on Twitch? Well, I started as a game streamer but that changed when my viewers enlighted me about the possibilities of twitch. I started to see it as a platform where I bring the viewers with me in my life story. My streams are now divided into different categories. I have days devoted to games and I have days devoted to Flow Arts (digital dance shows). 

Do I make money with Twitch Streaming?

Yes. Twitch has the affiliation program for steamers with a few minimum requirements in followers and average views. (50 follows, 3 average viewers) It’s a low standard which allows you to get a subscribe button on the channel and viewers get the ability to cheer. ‘Cheering’ is a digital emote called a BIT. These bits you buy on twitch and for every BIT used in your channels chat you get 1 cent ($) in your account. As you can imagine it might take a while for a pay out. Depending on your audience and how deep their pockets are of course. As a streamer it is possible to add extra emotes for people that cheer a lot. The minimum amount is 1000 bits (10$) and after cheering this amount the viewer will have an extra emote to use all over twitch.

The ‘Subscribe’ button has 3 options for your viewers to choose. 5$ – 10$ or 25$ subscription will get you a month of ad free watching (twitch shows one ad before you get to see the stream) and it unlocks special emotes that the streamer gets to put in herself. For 5$ you unlock the Tier 1 emotes, 10$ gives you the Tier 1 & 2 emotes and yes the 3rd gives you all emotes.

The streamer gets HALF of this money. The emotes you unlock are available to use in EVERY chat on twitch. 

To show off you are a subscriber, Twitch also has SUB badges for affiliate streamers. Mine are a fancy version of my name N O V A.

The N you get when you subscribe for the first time. This will show up before your username in the chat. The rest unlocks when you subscribe for more months.

O – 3 months

V – 6 months

A – 1 year

This is the basics of Twitch streaming and earning. I started in May 2017 and had the needed ups and downs. I now stream full time (5 days a week and it is my main income. Below you can find a compilation of my start to streaming. It gives you an overview in just 4 minutes and 20 seconds. 

Thinking about streaming but have no clue where to start? Hit me up with a message and I would love to share my knowledge about it with you. Are you just in it for the money? Let me give you some advice up front then. Getting enough revenue on a monthly basis from streaming to support yourself takes years, not months. If you feel like you’re gonna love streaming as much as I do, don’t hesitate to start and ask for help!

The best thing about streaming is the fact you build up a community of people around you that not only support you but also hang out, play games, give tips or are just there to watch whatever you do. They also become a part of your life and you get to meet a lot of people all over the world. I have an immense passion for streaming and I only want to build it out more. It’s a tough cookie to crumble tho because the possibilities are unlimited. The more you put in, the more comes out. It can be overwhelming to figure out what to do with it. This is why I offer my help if you want it and for the rest I just wanted to share these twitch facts with you.