About Luminous Nova

About me

I am an entertainer and performer for live events and on my stream channel. My live performances include: (led) hula hoop dance, stiltwalking, aerial acts and gogo dancing. Sometimes I work out an act for an occasion and it can include more of a theater performance to it. On my streams I have a talk show called ‘Coffee Talk’, I play/showcase games and I live stream my hula hoop practices. My audience are people that have a big interest in the gaming industry and also in the entertainment world. We have a discord community where we discuss this and plan our trips to gaming conventions or parties. 

I work together with brands or companies to provide a show at their event, showcase them during my stream or help promote them with their product of event. I also give hula hoop workshops for beginners. In the blog section of this website I try to keep track of all my collaborations and new acts/projects. 

How the streaming began:

The streaming journey began January 2017 and completely turned my life around. All of my creative ideas could fit into this platform of endless possibilities. Starting out as a game streamer I soon discovered a whole new world in IRL streaming. IRL means ‘In Real Life’ and you can stream anything in this category. From chatting with your viewers in front of your pc to taking them with you on a road trip. I soon found out that after my brain was fried on a game and I switched to IRL with some music in the background I started to relax and connect more. This was the start of a big change in my streaming journey.

Sometimes I would just scroll down the IRL section on twitch to see the randomness people do these days. And there I found this girl in a dark room with an LED hula hoop dancing her way on some ambient hypnotic music. After months of not seeing her streams or even thinking about hula hooping I got the urge to change up my life and my streams. As a stiltwalker for a couple of years I got excited to try something new. I wanted a new act which involved more movement. More dancing. The image of the girl with the hula hoop came back to me and when I talked to my viewers on twitch, they were excited to see me take part in this. As a bonus I figured, let’s start this journey LIVE, on twitch.

So I did. With a couple of tutorials practiced before the stream – I really didn’t want to go in fully blind – and a donation goal for an LED hoop, my hoop journey started November 2017. This grew out to the biggest passion I have ever had and I am eager to learn more about the different Flow Arts and tools to dance with. I keep track of everything through my socials and if you want to stay updated I suggest following my instagram or twitter. This is where I’m most active. Thanks for reading and don’t hesitate to contact me for a collaboration. I’d love to see what we can make together!

Kind regards,