Luminous Nova Stilt Walking With Clown Makeup


YAY! I feel energised and excited! This is because I might be a little overworked but it’s all SO MUCH FUN! – Okay okay I’ll tone it down a notch, no need for yelling –

I already forgot how my last Monday went… Oh no wait, I made some sick progress in the game called SubNautica. This game is very interesting and I feel like playing this game all the time. The underwater world captivates me and I feel like I gotta make quick progress soon. – Again with that rush – Anyways, I’m happy I have a mod standby to tell me what to do and where to go. The game would take forever if I had to find it out myself.

As I’m sitting here writing this I must admit the anesthesia from the dentist is starting to wear off and my head begins to start pounding. I was laying on the couch earlier but my mind kept rambling to write. – So I did –

After this post I’ll take a nap and then it’s stream time. Yes, with half of my face numb. This will be interesting for the viewers. Luckily my partner in crime – UrbanBravo – streams with me so he can do the commentary. Multi streaming is so much fun but it’s a bit harder to interact with the chat. Even with a multi link open where you can see both streams and chats. Anyway, more about this some other time. Last week we found out we had to start over in Stardew Valley again….. Man I don’t feel like starting over, again! I want to learn more about this game and how it progresses. Patience…..

Past Friday I was too tired to play Portal. This worried me a lot. I work so much and make long days so I feel like I am dropping the ball on the streaming again. I’m not tho. Just on the Friday that is. I just need to play simpler games or just IRL or something. This brain needs some rest too every now and then.

So this time it’s Tuesday when I write this post. I was busy until now, happened twice now that I fell asleep on the couch with my day clothes still on. That is just very uncomfortable. Who invented the bra?! Okay okay during the day time it’s nice when you walk around and stuff.

ANYWAY. My brain feels like it’s about to melt and my face is not so numb anymore. – Just very painful. Take care peeps. More awesome stuff coming towards the channels. I enjoyed hooping yesterday so much. Even learned a new trick. DAMN I feel energised from it.

Ok bye!


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