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What the hoop

What a week. I feel like months have past. Lots going on and what the hoop?! I can still hula hoop and I’m happy to be picking that up on Monday evenings. Upcoming Monday is the last Belly dance practise on that day so I’ll finally have the day free for streaming.

Streaming has been crazy this week, lots going on and so many people stopping by. Even tho on Tuesday I just did an entire day of Coffee Talk. It was crazy fun. And then the work week starts. Always a bummer.

I learned there is a remote for streamlabs OBS to switch scenes this week. That seems like such a handy thing! I wanted to use my ipad for that but it doesn’t update to the newest version of IOS anymore. Well then. I already wanted to sell the thing so let’s do that. Another app for a streamer deck is UP deck. They advertise as free but every 20 minutes it will close the app and then you would have to buy it. Well then. Nevermind.

I cancelled my stream on Friday evening. After the heavy work days and 2 shows the next day I felt like I needed to relax and unwind for a bit. Same goes for Sunday.

The two shows were a lot of fun, it was stressful to get from one to the other but I made it work.

Sunday was all about sleeping in and hanging with the boyfriend. – oh no wait – We worked out his stream schedule and plans. Made me think about my streaming as well and my schedule. Man I want to stream more days and be less tired all the time. I can already see this is also a very tired post just shortly putting my week together. Maybe next time I’ll have a more original story to tell. For now I’m just tired. Again.

Time for Coffee [Talk]


P.S. Picture is made by the boyfriend ?

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