Hey. It’s been a while.

Hey. It’s been a while.

For some reason my blog keeps popping up in my mind that I want to pick it up again. I left it when I reached affiliation on twitch simply because you can’t do everything.

Lately my hands have been aching to write again and this is me picking it up. I want to put together what I learned in this past week, put down my thoughts and if I dare, also my feelings.

I have been affiliated with Twitch for a year now and that got me to think about where I came from and where I want to go. It’s never fast enough and I feel like I am reaching the highest I will get. -Don’t think negative thoughts, I know, I know- Streaming can get to you sometimes, all you have is statistics for viewers who watch you, like you, engage with you, it just all screams – LIKE ME. Do I want people to like me tho? I’m just trying to make a living following a passion I found along life’s way. I just want to entertain and bring more fun, motivation or whatever positive people take out of it. Oh boii, I talked about my feelings already, writing will do that for ya.

Instead of making promises I can’t keep or just simply getting to excited about my ideas or plans I’ll keep this blog to a – what have I found and accomplished this week – thing for now. – Focus on the positive – Just the inner rambles that scream to get out. I must admit, this already feels better in my brain.

Affiliation Celebration

If there is one thing I learned for streaming it’s that ‘the moment’ is key. I learned about my 1 year affiliation anniversary after I streamed and felt – DAMNIT – I lost the momentum of the day. I talked about it on stream and people instantly responded, when will be the celebration stream?! That gave me the thought of just planning a celebration and together we made plans for some Portal 1 & 2. Lesson learned – You don’t have to do it exactly at the day of anniversary, as long as you don’t let such a momentum go to waste. I have had an awesome stream playing Portal and secretly – not so secret anymore – I feel like more of a gamer now that I get to play the older games everyone has played. I jumped on the game train so late and I’m trying to catch up.

Twitch Strike and Social statistics

Oh dear, statistics. I crunch numbers for breakfast looking at my phone for any increase in my social stats or twitch following. I made a schedule for posting on my channels and it has been going a lot better but I always feel like I’m slacking because I can never keep up. I always forget a day and one of my socials doesn’t get updated. – Give yourself a break, NO – As much as I want to take it easy I feel like I’m in a rush and keeping socials active is one of the fundamental things for building a streamer future. I plan a post every now and then with the app hoot suite instead of doing it all on the spot but I could be doing more of that planning to make it easier for myself. Past week I also lost a few days updating my stuff, it’s okay tho, it does get better every week. I’m okay with that – Sigh, I have to. – Stay positive remember?

So about that twitchstrike.com/what – it tells you the best game to play at that time based on the amount of streamers streaming / viewers watching that game ratio. Get it? It just tells you what games are not loaded with streamers and no one wants to watch it for example. Handy, however, after a small discussion it’s just another one of those tools that you gotta find your own way around it. Plus, I don’t even have the games listed when I checked the site. Another key thing about streaming is keeping to yourself and stay doing what you do best. Saying no to a game might be the best decision towards your viewers.

It has been an eventful week. The thought of keeping a blog actually calms me and worries me at the same time – What if I can’t keep it up? – No worries, it’s just a sum up of your weekly streamer life (or whatever happens in life). There is so much going on and why don’t I keep it short and snappy every week? – Or something like that.

Visuals for the blogging. Fuck that. I write. I do like to look at visuals too for a site tho. – Inner struggle – Well then, to close off the article: a visual and a succes. The Stardew Valley 12 hour stream was as fun as it was exhausting. I’m just very glad the multiplayer Beta works so well and the game is still so fun to play. Viewer wise I need to learn how to keep people in the stream longer or meet more people who are still awake till 6 am in the morning.

Here’s the promo made by UrbanBravo with our little emotes vaguely in there.

12 Hour Marathon Image

Another thing I try to do more, making visuals. This week I completed an intro for my SUBnautica streams with a free After Effects template. Oh boii more visuals to show on this blog. I put it on youtube but a copyright claim was already added for the song. Even tho it said it was free music when I got the template. Ah well, internet lies, we all know that.

On that note I summarised my week. Well, not nearly there but for the streamer life these were the important highlights. Let’s see if I can keep this up weekly shall we? A steady day for the posts? Maybe. Either Sunday if I already written a post like right now, or Monday – for obvious reasons.

See you all next… – Wait, no promises –

Catch you on the flipside.



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