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C. For Choices.

No no I won’t do that a second time in a post lol. Plus I already used the C. for Caffeine – I think – Errrr… Let’s just start the post.


My last post I talked about the pressure a lot of my projects give me and in order to relieve myself from some of that stress I need to let go of a few things. Or make a different planning where I have a little bit more time for myself. So about that. P. for Planning. – Damnit I’m stuck in that letter thing! – Okay:


In order to make a good schedule for myself it’s time for a little bit of reflection. I heard this voice ‘thing’ – I don’t know what else to call it – about my star sign a few weeks back on youtube. A friend send it to me. It explained the ways of Pisces and even tho I can’t find myself in everything, I did start to think about one thing the guy said. ‘Pisces will have ups and downs just as they flow up and down with the water.’ I really do have those ups and downs and lately into the extremes. I make a plan and keep to it for about a week, maybe 2. Then I do too many things again and something goes wrong or something comes in between and I have to shift my planning for it. Then I’m behind. And I’m always behind. – I think –

In the first post I mentioned not making promises but oh dearrrrrr it feels good to just outright say: I WILL DO BETTER! Just because I feel like motivating myself. So let’s just make a planning together? Okay or I’ll just tell you what I’m thinking of.

Monday and Tuesday are streaming days. I try to stream all day since these are the only steady days I have. Now that I have a show tonight and will be back tomorrow morning (7am -ish) I have moved my time from 2pm to 4pm. – I am giving myself 2 hours to recover, I realize this now that I write this down. – ANYWAY. Tuesday I start streaming at 11 am in the morning so I can stop streaming before dinner and have the evening off. – Well, usually I go to my friend to make dances for the shows. I haven’t been in weeks. –

Wednesday to Friday I work on the taxi – damn those early mornings – and Thursday night I have the bellydance showteam class. So Wednesday and Friday evening are free. – I think – If I don’t have a show on Friday I stream. Same goes for Saturday. Sunday is the day off. I also hang with friends on Saturday and usually the next day I don’t produce anything anymore. When I stay in, I wake up refreshed on Sunday and start working immediately. I wake up in a split second these days – when I don’t have an alarm up and have slept about 6 hours. I’m still human, yes. – for some reason I just feel like I’m in a rush and from the moment I wake up I start thinking of all I want to do. My brain just instantly starts to work and I will not get any more rest until I grab my laptop and either write it down or work it out.

So. How bout them choices right? – Yes, I was thinking the same –

I have re-read my article just cause I don’t have a solution. I don’t want to drop any of this. In this planning I already trimmed down everything to it’s basic. It seems like I get enough free evenings / days or whatnot. Maybe it’s just my mindset. The cluttered mess of projects that are on my to do list. They stare at me and make me think I’m busy. Whiles I’m actually just sitting on the couch doing nothing. I guess it’s all about P. for Perception. – couldn’t resist –

This writing has helped me a lot already I must admit. Taking the time to sit down to put your thoughts to paper is like exhaling after breathing in a lot of air. This week the exhale also had a sigh to it. I relaxed after the exhale. – with sigh – And at this very moment I start to relax.

On that note. I’m gonna make myself a C. for Coffee and stare at my flowers outside for a minute. The sun started to shine.


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