Luminous Nova Dancing

A week with Nova

Hi, it’s me. Nova.

Refusing to do what needs to be done I am writing this. Exhausted but fulfilled. I can’t express the tiredness from the past days. So I won’t.

Monday. I started working on a video that shows the beginning of my streaming and it was so nice to edit again. The whole ‘affiliation celebration’ really got me thinking about how I started and where I am now. I want to move forward faster and faster but it’s also getting busier and busier with all the projects and work. I just have to keep pushing forward and have fun with it. – oh dear I mentioned no promises in the last blog lol –

Past Tuesday was crazy with the stream. I was tired and had so much to do but figured to just see where I would land. I started this new game – for me – called ‘Kerbal Space Program’ and was afraid it was gonna be too difficult with the tiredness. It totally was BUT without a filter for my inner rambles I found out people actually enjoyed the stream with all the silly side story’s I made. I feel like I should just do that more often and let my thoughts out more. With an awesome raid from a fellow friend and streamer my numbers went up like crazy and had some awesome people in the stream. That gave me so much energy to take on the rest of the week.

Wednesday. Work starts. After driving all the people around in the taxi I had to rehearse for the big show with the band Rachel. My friend and I are making the show around the songs with dance, entertainment and a little bit of theater. We also had to make an appearance at a party that invited us for promotion and whatnot and that was hella fun! Also, god damn late. – Oops.

Thursday. After sleeping about 4 hours I get in my taxi again and going strong on coffee I managed the day. When I got home I fell on my couch and slept, even though I actually had to go through my closet to find my outfit for the show on Friday. Long story short. Another short night and practicing the dance moves till about 2 am. Again a 4 hour night. – Oopsiedaisy?

Friday. Show time! The tiredness creeps up on me but I’m still excited, stressed and pumped at the same time. First time doing the show. No rehearsals with the band. They were all very curious to what we made. So were we. No pressure what so ever right?

In what felt like a hurricane we did the show and just gave it our all. And what do you know, it actually worked SO WELL. The compliments were raining and with the DJ playing after the show we just stayed dancing still vibing from that crazy atmosphere and I couldn’t be more happy. So finally home I crashed but put my alarm up tho, busy day again on Saturday.

Saturday. Stream day. I streamed very tired. It was fun but I noticed my attention slipping. I stopped for dinner and booted it up with UrbanBravo again. Quality time together streaming the cute game Stardew Valley. ❤

Sunday. Black out. – till 4 pm silly – I just crashed hard and woke up soooooo damn late. It was an eventful week. So get yourself up and go to your mom – yea it’s mother’s day so just don’t think and just go. – It was fun and had some nice dinner.

Busyness doesn’t stop tho. Still have to edit a picture plus I get up super early tomorrow for an extra taxi shift.

YAY for the busy life. Let’s see what the next week has in store for me.



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