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Night Mode app for better view at your phone screen!

Imagine yourself in bed at night, you just turned off your light to go to sleep and your phone starts buzzing. Since you’re not too sleepy yet you’re going to check what the message is. When the phone light comes up your eyes start squinting against the light because it’s so bright.(And yes, even with the brightness at lowest) Phone screens use colours with a lot of white and blues and that hurts if you’re in a dark place for a while. Apple got a feature for that in the quick menu but for Android I found this nice app that even has more functions. Read more in the article of today!

In the google play store you can download Night Mode for free so I figured I would try it. There are a few options you can choose to install your optimal night mode. There are warm filters and more blue filters. I think the warm ones are the chillest. The first option and also the standard one is my favorite. It’s warm and kind of yellow but gives you the experience of having normal colours while in fact you don’t see the normal colours.

Night Mode App Left ImageNight Mode App Mid ImageNight Mode App Right Image

Here you can see the difference between the screens. The first one is the normal screen and the second one is the one I use. The 3rd one is the candle light and might be chill in the middle of the night but it’s just a bit too red for me. So when I installed it a screen popped up that I needed to change some settings for the overlay. I had to turn off the permission for the apps to overlay and then later turn it on again. (or the other way around, I can’t remember) Via the screen I could instantly go to the settings but later when I needed to change it again I couldn’t find it at first. Of course I found out with Internet being on my side but that’s why I’m putting it here so you don’t have to go to the same trouble as me.

Settings -> applications -> application manager -> more -> Apps that can appear on top

Here you can select apps to allow their buttons, pop-ups, or other elements to appear over other apps you are using. So if you hate pop ups from different apps you can also turn them off here. ?

As you saw in the pictures above, the app allows you to edit the brightness of the overlays. What I really like about the app is the clock function, then at the chosen time the overlay will automatically be activated. So if you forget to turn it on before you go to bed then it will just be on already. Nice!

Night Mode App Screenshot 1

Last but not least the app also incorporates a small menu for if you quickly want to turn it off and on again. It also comes with a flashlight and sound/vibrate option. Those I also have in the regular menu of android but still okay to have there. The settings option is also chill to have there because if you want to change the colours then you can just go there easily.

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